Thursday, May 24, 2018

You Are The Controlled Opposition...

People who's cultural and social reference point is acting upon, or reacting to, day-to-day external stimuli from media are not a threat to any system or status quo.

Even up into the 80s and 90s most people had a reference point that was, at least, 50% personal and local: their discussions, goals, actions and re-actions were primarily engaged with the real physical world around them within a 20 mile radius.

Today, the first thing people talk about when they get together is their reaction to media: a news story, politics, a movie, tv show, music, talk-shows, commercials, etc.

We’re now at 100% media stimuli.

So you’re either for or against ________________(fill in the blank media created option).

If you’re not “with her” then you must be MAGA.

It’s always two whole choices!

And the choices are always brought to you by_______________ (fill in the blank corporate/media sponsor).

Simply put,

If you define yourself as Y, in opposition to Z, then Z has, in reality, defined you.