Friday, June 1, 2018

A Land Of Elvis Impersonators...


loved Murica

loved the flag

loved his mama

Befriended Nixon

& sang gospel songs.

Elvis also,

disliked hippies

disliked the counter-culture

disliked the drug culture

disliked communism

& dislike The Beatles for their anti-Americanism

And yet,

It was Elvis ‘The Pelvis’ who was a key tool in popularizing the 1950's Rock and Roll rebellion that would blossom into the 1960's counter-culture revolution. 

And it was Elvis’s sexually suggestive, provocatively aggressive, in your face - “fuck you old American values” - persona that inspired many of the leftwing, anti-American bands he later claimed to disprove of.

And he never demonstrated any remorse for his participation in all this.

The grotesque hypocrisy and contradictions of his lifestyle and beliefs never seemed to have crossed his mind!

He spent his last days on earth fat, bloated, dressed outrageously and with a face showing the wear and tear of tranquilizers and plastic surgery while wobbling onto a stage like a cheap whore in search of a few more dollars and a little bit more applause.

In other words,

Elvis was the Proto-Murican.