Monday, June 25, 2018

Bracing For Impact (It’s Going To Get Ugly)...

Actually things have been getting ugly for quite a while now.

What has spared a lot of people from overt, direct, conflict is the relatively large space in which this is all playing out.

When the cities started going to hell via multicultural enforced social engineering post WWII, many fled and created what we call the suburbs. Marxists called this movement, ‘White Flight’.

Which it was.

But it was a flight from danger and death and an attempt to preserve our culture and sense of society and identity. There was still space to escape to.

The leftist social engineers then crafted the ‘Civil Rights’ legislation which effectively outlawed freedom of Association.

Freedom to discriminate is freedom, period. It’s how you pick a spouse, a faith, a home, a community or what you will have for dinner. 

The demonization and outlawing of discrimination is surreal and Orwellian.

It’s also a very obvious attack.

Then came the flight from ever-diversifying suburbs into small towns in the country.

The social engineers answered this by creating the largest mass movement of people in history on the US southern border.

This was enabled by the 1965 immigration act which overthrew decades old laws on favoring immigrants from north-western Europe -which is where Americans originated from (English, Scottish, German, Dutch, etc).

America went from 90% White in 1965 to about 50% White today.

A percentage drop that is indicative of genocide.

So now, even small towns are being turned into third-world slums.

But small towns were already growing scarce.

Part of social engineering is wiping out industry and business in a wide area, then  bringing it back in a few designated spots.

This has the economic and social effect of forcing more and more people out of the country and suburbs and back into new urban ghettos in search of better jobs.

Small towns become fewer and fewer and new urban centers grow rapidly.

The population of the US was around 95 million in 1918.
In 1990 the population was 248 million.
In 2018 the population was about 350 million(the actual numbers are hard to determine because the census is less than accurate on illegals).

So due to immigration, illegal AND legal, the US is adding 100 million people every thirty years.

But it’s picking up speed.

Which means in the next 15 years another 50 to 70 million people will be let into the US.

And central and south America are only one political/economic crisis away from unleashing a new tsunami-sized invasion from the south.

You’ve been looking the other way for a long time. You’ve ran away time and again to get some peace and quiet.

But war is here.

It’s been here for a long time.

Your cities have been overrun.

Your statues are being torn down.

Your culture is attacked and made illegal.

Your morals and principles are declared outdated.

Your heritage is mocked and physically assaulted.

And your very existence is deemed a hate crime.

And every institution, from schools to media to even the churches, are now advocates and apologists for the social engineers and their nightmarish,  neo-Babylonian vision of the future.

Forget about ‘seeing what is coming’.

Do you not see what is already here?