Wednesday, June 20, 2018

It's The Economy, Stupid...

People have an unbelievably skewed view of economy and standard of living.

And this feeds into myths about prosperity and stability.

Comfort has now supplanted Survival in terms of presuppositions about economic strength and viability.

Luxury is now synonymous with necessity.

And Americans grow increasingly doughy and lazy, and thus dependent -and urban- by the day.

Consider some facts,

All you need in terms of living space?

House size: 700 to 1,000 square feet.

That’s all that’s needed to raise a family in. In fact that was the average sized house up until fairly recently.

Even today a 900 sq. ft. mobile home comes with 2 bathrooms and three bedrooms.

Unless you’re a governor, prince, potentate or archduke, there is no practical or rational reason for you and your family to be living in a house larger than 1,500 square feet.

And of course smaller homes cost less to heat.

Luxury items you actually do not need.

Phones (they’re nice if you have lots of money, but not a necessity).
Cell phones.
Air conditioning.
Cable/satellite television.
Electric heat (gas is cheaper and you can seal off superfluous rooms in the winter).
Video games.

These things are all luxury items. They are not required for basic survival, basic comfort or basic needs.

Luxury excesses: Outside of driving to work, visiting family and buying groceries, there is absolutely no need for your vehicle to leave the driveway. (sickness and emergencies being an obvious exception)

And if you cook all of your meals yourself at home, then your grocery bill will also go down, as will your trips to town -which saves on gas money.
And supplement that with a garden and canned goods stored in a cellar and your bills will go down even further.

How often do you need new clothes? Rarely. Even farmers patch and mend their daily work clothes and get years and years of wear and tear out of them.

College for the kids?

Unless you’re a millionaire, it’s beyond your means. Which is to say, outside of extreme circumstances, NEVER EVER GO IN DEBT!!!

What about buying a home?

Rent, until you have the money.

In 1900 the average age for a first time homeowner was 40.

If you are 20, then you plan on spending the next 20 years of your life busting your ass and sweating and bleeding and struggling and fighting all the way to be able to buy or build that 700 sq. ft. home and a little patch of land.

Plan on driving a shitty, old, used car that has to be jump-started every morning for the next 20 years of your life.

Suffering and going without things is GOOD.

But if you’re already over 30, married with kids and in debt, start cutting back.

Stop eating out at restaurants, period.
Fix your own meals.

Fix your own water leaks.
Fix your own electrical problems.
Fix your own engine troubles.

Don’t know how?

Believe me, you’ll be surprised at what you can do when you HAVE to do it!

Cut back on using your clothes dryer. Hang your clothes on a clothesline outside and let the sun dry them.

I could go on.

When you cut out the exorbitant luxury items and decadent indulgences that you absolutely do not need, then your cost of living will be radically readjusted.

I point all this out because even poor Americans are only “struggling” financially because they want to live like millionaires.

Americans today spend more money on garbage bags to carry out their excessive waste than their grandparents spent on food.

Dear American,

You are living waaaaay the hell beyond your means and beyond what is necessary.

Reduce the money you spend to absolute necessities and you will find that you can have a stay at home wife and 7 kids and survive just fine on minimum wage.

An economy predicated on excess of luxury, entertainment and vain indulgence will lead to mountains of waste.

And that will draw millions of birds, rats, mosquito's, flies and cockroaches to feast on the overflow....right in your backyard

There are consequences to your actions.