Saturday, June 2, 2018

The Tyranny Of Language...

First, some words and their definitions.

God or Gods: an impersonal force or forces of nature or a description of a journey of human development or understanding.

Atheism: a rejection or disagreement of the conclusions of an identification of a force of nature or the development of a person’s journey.

Definitions are, you know, mere conventional consensus.

It’s more than a little ironic that if you get, say, a Baptist and a new-Atheist together to debate the existence of God, they will both adhere to the conventional consensus, aka, language tradition of...the Catholic Church.

Because definitions of concepts like God and Atheism are traditions.

Do you understand that?

The definitions of those concepts are not objective.

It’s just a tradition to define them a certain, subjective, way.

The meaning of words is not transcendent.

Yet conversation is an act of faith.

It is a faith because you presume your interlocutor will have the same conventional consensus of the meanings of words that you have.

And you presume that because, well, gosh darnit, that’s the excepted consensus.

I point all this out because of political correctness.

Many people live under the tyranny of language, in which the subjective meaning of words and concepts are used to attack, ostracize and persecute all formal heretics.

But it only works as long as you consent to their faith tradition.

So, for example, if someone is called a racist....instead of denying the charge they should simply state that there is no such thing as racism. 

Ditto anti-semitism, misogyny and so on.

In other words,

instead of being a heretic to the belief, go full apostasy and deny the faith altogether.