Tuesday, June 19, 2018

White People Problems #1: ‘They’re Dividing Us’...

....Sky-rocketing homelessness is about #483. Unless it’s you, of course. 

Far be it for me, an old-school White Nationalist, to be critical of my own people, but it needs to be said.

White people are spoiled rotten.

Yes, yes, not all. There are millions of White people for whom multi-generational, third-world level, poverty is culturally normal.

But even they live free from the perils of war or genuine struggle -there’s always food stamps and state funded healthcare!

White people don’t know how spoiled they are.

Worse, they don’t realize that their convenient, cozy lifestyle is the result of government and corporate social engineering. They like to think that it’s the result of their own hard work and ingenuity -even though they tend to be big and fat and slow and lazy.

Also, why is the gas you put in your ridiculous tank-sized vehicle $3.00 a gallon instead of $12.00 a gallon?   And how many of you don’t depend on credit cards?

Because just, cause, and stuff?

White people have become so immersed in, and conditioned to,  a decadent Roman-emperor-style lavishness that any little hint of conflict that detracts from “livin’ the dream" sends them into fits of moral outrage, panic and despair.

If it’s conflict with another White person then that person is obviously a “jerk” with nothing better to do, so lets just ignore him till he stops or goes away.

But when the conflicts are ethnic, racial and religious, then White people are confronted with their greatest fear....that not everyone wants to be like them!!!!!!!

Because if other peoples reject their cultural lifestyle, morals, ethic, value systems, etc.. then that may mean that their presuppositions about how that lifestyle is akin to gravity (natural and inevitable for everybody) are unfounded.

And if that be so, how are you going to be livin’ the dream?

Then the issue becomes existential: if other people reject our values, ethics, morals, laws and groovy lifestyle, does that mean that our way of life is not a universal inclination?

If it ain’t universal then what is the basis of it?
What’s next, gravity?

You see, if we, White people, have a particular and unique worldview, value system, ideas of law and order, morals and so on, then it will not continue to exist without us or when we are a minority.

Which would also mean that to keep the culture  as we’ve known it going, we would have to care for it, work to sustain and fight to preserve it.

Which means no more weekends at the beech!!!!

No more just “enjoying life”.

No more orgies at Caligula's!!!

The default claim then, is that “they” are trying to divide us as a nation.

Because the reality that ‘us’ does not share your idea of what a society should be is just too much to take.

At this point there really is only one option. And it’s not civil war.

For decades White Nationalists have said that the best solution is to dissolve the United States and partition it along ethnic, racial and religious grounds.

Culturally and politically that has already happened.

Due to the largest migration in human history that has been taking place on the US border for the past 30 years,  a physical partition is now inevitable.

And as each year goes by the whole unraveling of it all will only be that much more messy.

The best case scenario would be to vote in a congress who would officially dissolve the US and partition the territory.

Yeah, even that would by ugly, but it would beat the free-for-all that looks increasingly likely with each passing day.

Face it my fellow White People -they are not trying to divide us.

Our ‘Us’ is only White people.