Sunday, July 8, 2018


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And then there was Hillary’s strange denouncement of the alt-right and “extreme nationalism” in a campaign speech in the summer of 2016.

Remember who she claimed was the godfather it all?

Yep, Vladimir Putin.

An assertion that elicited more than a few 'what the hell's.

But in the shadow of the 'Russian Collusion' narrative it makes more sense.

At around the same time Clinton’s people were already accusing one of Trump’s campaign advisers,  Michael Flynn, of being a Russian asset. Imagine that!

Ironically enough, an RT segment from August 26, 2016 titled: 'Godfather of extreme nationalism' Clinton blames Putin for rising popularity of right-wing leaders’ on Youtube, sums it all up.

The part about Flynn starts at around 3:30.

Again, that was in August 2016.



But then there was that bizarre indictment of 13 Russians earlier this year on charges that they “posed as political activists and used the flash points of immigration, religion and race to manipulate a campaign in which those issues were already particularly divisive” -NYTs Feb 16, 2018.

and that,

“The indictment alleges that the Russian conspirators want to promote discord in the United States and undermine public confidence in democracy,” -NYT Feb 16, 2018s

And it was claimed they did this largely through social media.

Again, it left people asking, ‘what the hell is that about?’

But, wouldn’t you know, the charges  mirror EXACTLY the general themes of Hillary Clinton’s alt-right speech from August 2016 -a year and half before.

What a coincidence.

Notice how, just as she prophesied, America is ablaze with racial and political animosity and in turmoil over immigration -because of, of course, Russia, via Trump and right-wing nationalism

And Flynn was indeed indicted. For something.



The Bolsheviks not only sparked riots, they sabotaged supply lines and key infrastructure to facilitate chaos.

They seemingly cut off their own nose to spite their face.


But the real kicker is the charge that the moderate socialists made against the Czar that justified forcing him to step down and place him under house arrest.

The claim, spread throughout society and the papers at the time, was that the Czarina, Alexandra, was conspiring with a foreign power (the Germans then -she was born in Germany) in an effort to undermine Russia in the war (WWI). And that, naturally, the Czar too was a puppet or willing participant of this conspiracy.



One of reasons the Czar was "encouraged" to abdicate, was the claim that it would prevent an all out civil war.


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It's like it's a playbook or something.

All we're missing is a Rasputin figure.

Hope for the best,

but prepare for the worst.