Monday, July 9, 2018

Cutting The Net...

In a time when increasing numbers of people must opt for cremation in their funeral arrangements because they can’t afford to be buried, is the internet a luxury you can really afford?

The internet was a novelty 20 years ago. And 20 years on it still is, really.

But it has an obvious downside besides being a novelty: it has a feminizing, urbanizing and globalizing, effect. 

Much like TV or compulsory education, only worse.

With the internet you bring the globalist system right into your home in a way that never quite happened with television. The culture of tv-land was always exotic and far away, whereas you too can step into social media and become part of the whole experience.

When you have a sense of belonging to the system you are much less likely to see its errors, let alone call them out and warn others to stay away.

It’s like the movie star with a stalled career. He’ll write the expose of Hollywood’s dark, seedy, underbelly and warn parents not to let their kids pursue a career in entertainment.

But if he starts getting good parts and critical praise again he begins to see nothing but good and decency in the la-la land “community”.

He’ll go from being its biggest detractor to its biggest defender.

You can see this  clearly with politics too. If your guy is in the White House then ‘it’s morning again in America’. But if “their guy” is in power then it’s the apocalypse. Then your guy again, then a bad guy again -ad infinitum.

It’s a very urban experience.

A rural perspective is less the roller-coaster and less starry-eyed. The system is “them”. And they are not us and we will never be part of them.
We endure for a season and then we die, just like our parents and grandparents did and just like our children and grand-children will. This is how life is seen and experienced.

In the city, life is gagged and measured by the ebb and flow of social fashions and interaction. People tend to worry about how they will be seen and judged, rather than worrying about getting their family through next winter. That’s a massive chasm in perspective.

The urban reality produces people who are vain, shallow, thin-skinned and emotionally unstable.

It also produces people who tend to see survival as (singularly) the ability to acquire money to purchase things with. Never a good way to look at life in totality.
That might explain the connection between bankruptcy and suicides.

Social interaction should always be formal and perfunctory.  Even with extended family. I’m polite to you, you’re polite to me. You need to borrow a tool, fine. I might need to borrow one from you someday.

When social interaction becomes casual and engaging, that’s when the downward spiral begins.

The ladies are made for that sort of social interaction, of course.

But when men engage in it, it tends towards effeminacy.

You have to judge other men by their actions, not their stated beliefs, goals, ideas or personality.

Back in the age of TV daily news stories were presented like gossip.

In the internet age daily news stories are presented as absolute hysteria.

Down the drain it circles.

Politics crystallizes this.

It might be fun to watch Trump break the taboos of political correctness, but his overall persona is extremely effeminate -and jewish. Of course, for those of us who remember him from thirty years ago we also know his current persona is as fake and contrived as the yankee cheerleader George Bush Jr. wearing a cowboy hat and sawing down trees back in 2000.

And I’ve yet to see a SJW that was not a skinny, pale, emotionally unstable, over-socialized college kid who’s primary concern was anything other than how he will be perceived by his peers -or that he be on the the mythological “right side of history”.

Wild mood swings are par for the course. From jubilation to despair. From hope to desperation.

This is all the product of mass media, social media and urbanization via cultural globalism.

Step back away from that world and you’ll again remember that there are no easy answers. There are no quick fixes. That day follows night follows day again. You win. You lose.

You’ll remember that there are no long term solutions to anything.

There is no political solution, to anything! Because life is a cycle. Spring will follow Winter and Winter will follow Autumn.

There is no long term economic solution to anything for the same reasons.

You’ll have your allotted portion for your allotted time.

You’ll know some tremendous happiness and lots of terrible sorrow.

You’ll have youth and then you’ll have old age.

You’ll bury your parents one day and then your children will bury you the next.

So, back to the opening,

The internet is costly. It has its uses. But its uses are few.

When you’ve used it for all its worth, then its time to toss is away.

When to toss it?

Finances will dictate some of that. That aside, there comes a point when it’s just unreasonable to keep it when you no longer use it.

Right now it’s useful in learning survival and prepper tactics and ideas.

A year from now?


Who knows.

Personally, I’m ready to cut if off anytime. But that’s not entirely up to me.

But everyone should be ready to cut it at any time.