Friday, July 6, 2018

Meet The New Civilization...

Same as the old civilization.

Human beings have a quality that is both wonderful and terrible: the ability to adapt.

From poor to rich and back again. From living in the forest to living in the urban jungle -from Mayberry to Detroit, from health to sickness, from youth to old age,  we (sometimes begrudgingly) accept ever evolving circumstances and life goes on.

Circumstances have certainly changed.

Today the US, Mexico and increasingly central America have merged into one social, economic and political civilization.

This isn’t new, but the process has sped up and the situation has evolved. The U.S started out as 13 states hugging the Atlantic coast but has continuously expanded, swallowing up French and Spanish colonies along the way, going all the way to the pacific and beyond, annexing Hawaii to boot.

Post WWII western Europe became, essentially, a US colony and today American culture, such as it is, dominates the world via its media and economic domination. But that’s another story.

Dealing in physical, geographical terms, the US, Mexico and increasingly central America, have merged into a new society.

I don’t like it. But it is what it is. It’s the reality and you have to deal with that. Hiding behind this in political parties is a waste of time in the long run and will not change the reality on the ground.

The demographics

The Census puts the White population at 60.7 percent. But the census under counts illegals by about 30 million (peruse Alipac or NumbersUSA for an explanation of that), plus the census counts north-Africans, middle-easterners, central-Asians and others as White.

So if you factor in the additional 30 million illegals and define White as being of European descent, then White people only make up around 50 percent of the US population today.

And a significant percentage of them are elderly and will die in the next 10+ years. Non-White newborns now outnumber Whites and in 17 states White deaths outnumber White births.

Tens of thousands more arrive every month, legally and illegally.

But what makes this so transformative is that there is already a 100% saturation. It’s not like they are bunched into one place, “over there". All fifty states now have large non-White populations, no matter what the census claims.

 They are everywhere: living, shopping, buying, selling, marrying and having children.

And more will come.

The US has a labor shortage.

The US is powered by Capitalism.

The US is a welfare state.

The US has no permanent, historic, fixed borders.

And chain migration is ongoing.

Thus, Amnesty is de-facto.

Which means North and Central America are now one civilization and culture.

Again, I don’t like it. But it’s the reality.

Lots of people are upset with the consequences, but very few of them want to address the causes.

Because the causes are the fundamental, sole, identity of American culture: personal autonomy in the pursuit of material gain.

The transformation we are seeing is, sadly, organic, within the socio-political system that is the American way of life.

For the past 50 years or more Americans have lived like migrants themselves, following jobs from town to town and from state to state.

It’s what American is. Nothing fixed. Nothing permanent. No communities in the true sense.  No shared culture or religion outside of vague, commercialized, sentiment.

Some of us would like to see Whites survive as a distinct and particular people in their own society with their culture, laws, customs, etc.

Some blacks, Asians, native Americans, etc... feel the same way about their own.

How do we do this?

With politics?

Again, America is the world and America is an ever enlarging economic machine -nothing more.

Which means you’re not only dealing with an increasingly over-populated multi-cultural McBabylon, you’re dealing with a McBabylon that exists and subsists like a parasite eating away at its host.

There’s not a mountain that won’t be ripped down, a river that won’t be polluted or a national park that will not be slashed and burned and paved over as a shopping mall in order to maintain the appetites of the machine and the material lusts of its consumer/slave/citizen/voter-tool.

Will we survive?


But if we do, we will survive as nature survives.

By enduring.

Given enough time, grass will break through the concrete.

You want to be part of the machine?

You want to steer the machine?

You will be the machine.

You will be no more.

Politics does nothing but oil the wheels of the machine.

The rest of us must pull away as best we can and survive.

Continue to live life!

Seek out your own kind -ethnic, tribal, racial, spiritual, etc...

Settle down with them and your family in one spot and stay there!

Make that one location your home, the home of your children and your grand children and ever and anon.

Nothing will survive that is continuously uprooted and replanted somewhere else.

Good times or bad times -STAY!
Plenty or not enough -STAY!

Life is not something to be enjoyed. Life is something you endure. Joy, like sorrow, is fleeting.

Marry, have kids, laugh, cry and die with the dignity that comes from keeping your allotted station in life, lowly though it may be.

We are not the masters of our fate. No more than a blade of grass is.

Live. Endure.

The towers of steel will one day fall.

The concrete buildings will topple.

The grass and the vines and the flowers and all of the wild wonderful things will rise again.

And again a new machine will come along to challenge it all.

And again we must endure.

Round and round and round, life goes on.