Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Off Grid In The Matrix...

This keeps coming up.

How do you go off grid and into a necessary survivalist lifestyle in a land where,

A. a survilence police state is ever growing and ever encroaching?

B. an unprecedented flood of people across the border is rapidly creating an out control and unpredictable social situation?

C. following B, the population is ballooning quickly towards half a billion people and beyond?

We’re talking about an unfolding situation in which you won’t be able to head for the hills because the hills will be stacked with shanty towns of peoples from all over south America and God knows where else.

A situation of chaos and totalitarian control at the same time.

It’s a difficult subject with no easy solution.

I would suggest to adapt your thinking away from Little House On The Prairie type of scenarios and towards Homelessness.

Watch or read about homeless life on the streets. This is where people survive “off grid” right in the midst of the grid.

For one thing, if you’re halfway sane and have any sense of right or wrong you’re already homeless in today’s world.

But, for another thing, the situation of being homeless in a major metropolitan area is very much akin to the situation you and your family will likely find yourselves in in the very near future.

Youtube has a lot of videos chronicling life on the streets. I’d highly recommend watching them.

Or, just accept being subsumed into the matirx.