Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Q Is The Drug...

I’ve written before about staying away from the alt-right channels and websites. My advice was look, if you must, but don’t interact. Don’t log in to comment on youtube channels or websites or blogs or comment sections. At least for the time being. Something has never been right about that movement. As in, it’s about 50% (((Russian))) and 50% FBI.

I would suggest the same caution about 4 and 8 chan and the Qanon cult.

At best Qanon is a larp and at worst it’s a sting.

Or it’s something in the middle: it looks very similar to “prohecy preachers” who are always connecting the dots of the “end times” by taking every news story of the day and deciphering its hidden meaning to map out the closeness of the rapture and the tribulation and Armageddon.

One side effect of Qanon is that it turns its followers into snowflakes.

If you talk to a Q believer and point out the false predictions or coincidences that mean nothing, they fall apart! They become emotional wrecks.

Q believers are extremely fragile. If you question any of it or suggest that the swamp is not being drained at all or that things are not getting better, Q followers become angry and upset and accuse you of “undermining hope” and other such bizarre sentiments.
Ditto the alt-right.

Hope has become a drug for both Q believers and the alt-right. Make any unflattering remark about Trump or Q and watch them turn violent and aggressive and lash out with irrational accusations.

Much like the SJW’s they so eerily mirror.

If Q gets exposed as a larp or Trump gets impeached or things simply continue to not get better, we may just see a large-scale, Jonestown style, suicide amongst the alt-right and Q believers.

They are, at this point, that fragile.

Keep your distance.