Saturday, July 7, 2018

Solar Panels...

Clean them occasionally! It makes a difference. Or so I’m told.

My only real first hand experience with solar is recently when we used $20.00 solar powered string lights while camping. They work. You can read by them. And insects weren’t a problem.

Though insects have been scarce this summer anyway, strangely enough.

You can also get solar powered lamps. The good ones absorb light by the window by day and put out really good light in the evening.

How long they will last is the question.

If you go in for the big panels system you need to go all in, in my opinion. It’s costly. So you better be planning on really using them.

By that I mean it’s a MAJOR investment that requires a commitment to its actual use.

It’s like buying a house.

It’s not really something you do halfway.

Again, just my opinion.