Saturday, July 7, 2018

Survivalism: Disabled...

This is one you need to think about now, while there’s time. If you or someone you love is disabled or you are elderly or are caring for elderly, plan now. If you are still young and healthy, guess what -if you're lucky to live long enough you will be disabled too. It's called old age.

First aid supplies is obvious. Things like camp showers and the like are too.

Having a cabin/bugout shelter with good space for mobility is obvious. You can move walls. You can also take down 2x4 walls and replace them with 2x2 walls -you’ll just have to use lighter material on the wall. Paneling is light, but costly. Sheetrock is cheaper but too heavy -at least for both sides of the wall. So you’ll have to do some calculating.

Curtains can replace doors separating rooms too. That takes care of a LOT of issues of space.

Medications and medical treatment is something that only you can assess.

Will certain medications be available?

Will it be safe to venture out to procure them?

How, when and where to do so....

It would also be prudent NOW to learn how to gather and make your own medicines from mother nature. Any bit of knowledge about basic remedies will help, in time.

Prepare by planning. Get ready as best you can.

You can’t foresee every situation or crisis.

Most important of all, you need support!

Surviving a “dark age” is not something for lone wolves.

You need help. You need a support base.

You need a community that you can truly depend on.

In fact, that might be the best advise on preparing for survivalism: find a rock solid, trustworthy, circle of support.

Some people are fair-weather friends. Some are flaky relations. Some are fun to be around but completely unreliable.

Your number one resource for survival is, and will be, people you can genuinely count on.