Thursday, July 12, 2018

The West?...

I’ve used the term myself in the past, but it’s not advisable.

For one thing, ‘The West’ immediately excludes eastern Europe, which is the last holdout and only stronghold of White Civilization.  The only thing that has spared it is its poor economic prospects.

Second, what, when and where ‘The West’ is/was is debatable. I’ve had catholics tell me that Protestant countries are not part of traditional Western Civilization. And it goes without saying that Protestants see Catholicism as a completely foreign thing.
I’ve heard others explain that WWI was the end of Western Civilization. Conversely, I was just recently informed by an expat that Japan is part of The West today. Many people claim South America is part of The West too.

Third, Northern Europeans were never part of the Roman Empire (except southern Britain) -they were nominally Christian for a just a few hundred years and it’s a fact northern Europeans tend to see southern-Europeans as non-Whites. Yes, Southern Germany was, for a period, under Roman rule. It was also, for a period, under Hun rule.

Fourth, and most importantly, Whites have existed as a distinct people for 30,000 years -of more.
What is generally described as Western Civilization didn’t materialize until around 500-700 a.d. and then began to dissipate by the 15th-16th century.

Whatever Western Civilization was, it cut White Civilization in half and artificially bound northern Europeans to southern Europeans -with whom they had nothing in common.

Worse, it attempted to join us to the middle-east via Christianity and the legacy of the Roman Empire.

It’s strange to see people cheering about how Western Civilization conquered the world and built roads and schools and hospitals, etc. All of which are a prerequisite to globalism and ethnic and racial mixing.

Neither Chinese nor Indian civilizations conquered the world and yet their civilizations are thriving while Europe and her colonies are dying and replacing their populations with foreign peoples.

India and China both have over a billion people.

Africans are a thousand years behind everyone else, and yet the population of Africa will hit 2 billion people soon.

Meanwhile young White men are fantasizing about becoming transhumanist cyborgs who travel through outer space.

It’s a childish, immature fantasy. Step away from the movie action-hero/comic book world and grow up!

Bring your eyes back down to earth.

The man who lives in a shack with 10 kids is far more blessed and prosperous than the man who lives in a mansion with 2 kids and 8 cats.