Friday, August 10, 2018

Cue Could Be Trump...

This shit keeps coming up and some of my friends and family keep trying to draw me into it all.

So be it.

Here’s a new theory.

I was sent links to stuff by Scott Adams, Jack Poso.....whatever it is, somebody named Lee Stranahan and others.

Their claim is that Q hurts Trump’s base by causing division.

But if you listen carefully to what they’re really saying, it’s that Q is diminishing their status as self-appointed leaders of “the movement”. They are being relegated to the sidelines. That’s what they mean be division.

They’re saying “we’re smart” we have “sources”, we have a bullhorn, etc, etc, so WE should be the ones everybody should be flocking to for guidance.

So Q has actually showed these narcissistic wannabes for being, well, narcissistic wannabes.

These people DESPERATELY want to be important and want to be listened to and be seen as “leaders”.

And now everybody is calling them irrelevant wannabes.

So just as Trump ripped the mask off of the fake conservatives and revealed the left for the insane demon-spawn that they are, so too has Q tore down the stature of the self-appointed leaders of the Trump Revolution.

And they’re squealing the never-Trumpers before the election and like the left did after the election.

So,  maybe Q is Trump.

Why not. Has a similar impact on people.

Now, maybe someday I’ll get back to posting something interesting here.