Friday, August 3, 2018

Why Divorce Happens...

It actually has nothing to do with the man and woman within the marriage.

Divorce happens because there is no external pressure for marriage to be preserved.

Today external pressure is applied to tolerating sick and depraved things like interracial and homosexual acts.

Say something racist or homophobic and external shame and punishment will be applied.

But divorce your wife or husband external shame or reproach will be applied. Not even from conservative Christians. (because conservative Christians are social marxists today)

You see, the moral relativists were never moral relativists.

They lied. They tricked your ass.

They simply undermined the old moral order, thereby destroying it, and now that they have power they enforce a new moral order, their moral order, with draconian force.

We do not live in an age without morals.

We live in an age with a completely different set of morals.